We offer upgrades on many of the Bone Densitometer models we sell for both pre-existing clients and new clients. This allows you to keep your existing older system in place, while gaining some performance enhancements. In addition, the availability of upgrades from us insures that the system you buy from us today can be upgraded and supported in the future.

Upgrades currently offered include:
• Archive Media Upgrades i.e. from Standard Floppy Disk (1.5mB) to Super Disc (120mB), and/or Super Disc (120mb) to 2.6gB or 5.2gB Optical -Drive, and Floppy Disk to Zip Drive (100mB or 250mB), and Jaz Drive (1gB), and CD-Rewritable (CD-R 700mB).

• OEM Software Upgrades (licensed only)
• DOS to Windows Upgrades (licensed only)
• Computer/CPU Upgrades
• And More.

Please call for details on system-specific upgrades available for your particular model Bone Densitometer. Upgrades which are made available through us are strictly dependent on the age of your system, availability of supported drivers, licensed software, and current FDA standards.

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